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Your own online shop Garg Technologies & Concepts Pvt. Ltd.
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B2C BizPlat Adrenaline : By the Power of BizPlat Request Quote
My B2C BizPlat : Suit Your Style Request Quote
B2C BizPlat ‘ To-Go’ : All that you need  for your Shop Request Quote

This package is all that you need to setup your shop online.

Just use this with your windows hosting and your registered domain of your shop.

If you need help in getting a windows hosting, registering a domain, or initializing this package on your windows hosting, we would be glad to help.

B2C BizPlat ‘ To-Go’

Along with all the support and contents that you get with the BizPlat ‘To-Go’ package, you get the source code for the web pages i.e. the .cs files that have the code-behind for functionality in the web pages.

You can customize the look and feel as well as the basic behaviour of your web-pages with the help of a .net web developer.

My B2C BizPlat

Along with all the support and contents that you get with the My BizPlat package, you get the full source code for the entire portal including the middle layer dlls and the data access layer dlls.

You can customize anything or add / remove functionality with the help of a .net web developer.

B2C BizPlat - Adrenaline Which package is right for you?

If you are working with a website developer, then you will probably want to have the source code for customization. However, if you are looking to host it yourself and do not intend to change anything and just get your shop online, then you would prefer the ‘BizPlat to Go’ package. The ‘My BizPlat’ package still might be a valid choice in case you want to get some minor modifications done later.

A Business that you would love to build Note: All the packages contain the Database Structure Scripts, SQL Stored Procedures and the required dlls.